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eCONSULENZA, born in 2003, offers a wide variety of services and provides supports in the fields of communication, education and training as well as in planning management for European projects and quality assessment.

It is an Agency for planning and developing initiatives co-financed by European Commission and EU programs or Structural Funds, born in 2003. The Agency, seated in Torino (IT), is daily consultant for public and private administrations, Universities, training agencies, no-profit organizations. eConsulenza Agency is running projects financed by European Programs and funds in particular for: training and education, rights and social issues, culture, territorial cooperation, local development and tourism, health and research, citizenship topics.



eConsulenza has got large experience in organizing courses, events, workshops, tailored training paths, both locally and internationally, connected to different topics.

In particular, eConsulenza offers specialized training in European project management and techniques: about administrative aspects of European policies and European funds, project preparation and planning, reporting & project management, communication and dissemination, up to the creation of innovative European partnerships.
We organize specific tutoring and consultancy actions for professionals and staff dedicated to the development of European projects or using any European fund.
We run training sessions, tailor-made courses and workshops, with the aim to increase and develop skills and abilities in the European projects planning sector for both public and profit organizations.

Since its origins eConsulenza places itself as

matching point between the academic Institutes and the labour market, in view of its strong vocation at bridging educational and cultural training and professional skills.

It supported the management of several projects

funded by European Programs.

In particular eConsulenza prepared, with Italian and foreign Municipalities and public bodies, several projects funded by the Program for citizenship “EUROPE FOR CITIZENS”.

Several projects were successful. Some of them are:

  • European Twinning Project “European (Hellas, Romania, Italia gathering for environment)” promoted by Berzano S. Pietro Municipality (2005);
  • European Twinning Project “IDEE...COMUNI" for the Municipality of Gaglianico (2006);
  • Action 1 – Measure 1.2 Tematic Newtwork Project “POSIT.ive CHANGES” for the Municipality of Positano (2007);
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.1 European Twinning Project "Euro-Prospettive" for the Comunità Collinare Colli Tortonesi (2008);
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.1 European Twinning Project “ENERGIA PER IL FUTUROfor the Municipality of Gabiano (2008);
  • Action 1 – Measure 1.2 Tematic Newtwork Project “RE.S. .….REti per lo Sviluppo” for Comunità Montana Monti Aurunci (2008);
  • Action 1 – Measure 1.2 Tematic Newtwork Project “E.C.H.O. - European Cultural Heritage is On” for the Municipality of Candelo (2008);
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.1 Project “Q-Activa” for the Municipality of Quadrelle (2009);
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.2 Project "PRO- ACTIVE" for the Municipality of Trivero (2009);
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.2 “EUROPEAN FRIENDSHIP AND INTEGRATION” for the Municipality of Moasca (2009);
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.2 Tematic Newtwork Project "Abilities and Skills of European Women (A.S.E.W.)" for Monforte San Giorgio Municipality (2009-2010);
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.1 “E-MOUNTAIN I and II” for Roccafiorita and Antonovo municipalities (2010-11);

  • Action 1 - Measure 1.1 Project “YOUTH BETWEEN PAST AND FUTURE” for the City of Crescentino (2011);
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.1 Twinning Project "THE TASTE OF ….ENERGY SAVING" (2012) for the Municipality of Cerrione;
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.1 Twinning Project “D.E.M. - Discovering European Mountainsfor the Municipality of Trivero and Piedicavallo (2012);
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.2 Network for twinned towns "EUROLAB - A European Network for Excellences " lead by the Province of Biella and other 16 cities (2010-2012);
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.2 Project “TERRA MIRABILIS” for the Municipality of Casalborgone (2011-2013);
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.2 - Project “Joggle - Join Generations for Getting Legality in Europe” lead by Quindici Municipality (2013-2014);
  • Action 1 - Measure 1.1 Project "E@U: NOTRE AVENIR. LE POINT DE VUE DES CITOYENS" for the Twinning Committee of Villerest and the municipality of Lentigny - France (2014);
  • Strand 2 - Measure 2.1 Project “European Democratic ENgagement - E.D.EN. 2014” for Twinning Committee of Cerrione and Occhieppo Municipality (2014);
  • Strand 2 - M.2.1 “Europe-Week for Youth - EWY2015” Project for Trivero, Pray, Mosso, Valle Mosso, Soprana, Coggiola municipalities (2015);
  • Strand 2 Measure 2.1 Project "EUROPE JUST IN TIME!” for Municipalities of Borriana, Sandigliano, Cerrione and Ponderano (2016/17); 
  • Strand 2 Measure 2.1 Project “DROPS OF LIFE - GOCCE DI VITA, Solidarity versus responsibility” for Trino Twinning Committee (2017);
  • Strand 2 Measure 2.1 Project “CLEAN COINS - Fostering legality paths for a better future" for Casalborgone and Brusasco municipalities (2017); 
  • Strand 2 Measure 2.1 Project “E.S.S.E.M. (for Solidarity)" for Santhià municipality + other 13 municipalities and Slowland Piemonte association (2018/19).

For Youth

Other successful projects, addressed to young beneficiaries, were/are: “eVol European Volunteering” – Youth in Action program for Gualtieri Sicaminò Municipality (2010); “Europe for Young Citizens – EU4YC” for Associazione Giovani di Pimonte (Napoli) financed by ESF (2013); “ELP – Europa Lavoro Professioni” transnational Mobility Project for CIOFS FP-PIEMONTE financed by ESF (2013/2015); E+ KA1 Youth Exchanges “Youth 4 L@b-Fostering youth skills in mountain and rural areas” for Magliano Alpi (2015); E+ KA1 "NOUS SOMMES TOUS DES NAVIGANTES" Youth Exchange for Associazione italo-marocchina Le Flambeau (2016); E+ KA1 "eMOVIE LAB - Giochi di Cinema senza frontiere” (2017); E+ SCUOLE KA1 Exchange For Staff Mobility for Cossato Institute (2017); E+ KA1 "STAY TUNED!” for the Comune di Arquata Scrivia and Provincia di Alessandria (2019).


On going - Gabriella Bigatti is actually:

Member of the Coordination Unit and Quality Manager for the E+ KA2 HEI “Data Science Pathways to re-imagine education - Da.Re.” Project (2016/2019). Lead Partner: Gruppo Loccioni (AEA), supported by the University of Camerino;

- Evaluator and Quality Manager of “AMuSE - Artistic Multi Sensorial Experiences” Project, cofinanced by CREATIVE EUROPE Program, for the Association Le Terre dei Savoia , partner of the project (2017/2019). Lead Partner: Malta Society of Arts (Malta);

- Member of the Coordination Unit of the Interreg Italia-Francia ALCOTRA “VALE – Valore all’esperienza” project leaded by Ciofs FP Piemonte (2018/2020);

- Member of the Coordination Unit and Evaluator/Quality Manager of the E+ KA2 Adult Education “SPE.C.H.A.L.E. - SPEcialists in Cultural Heritage and Attractive Living Environment” project leaded by ADC MOURA - Portugal (2018/2021);

- Project Referent and member of the “Grant Office” of the Department of Medicine at the Università del Piemonte Orientale for EU projects for research, health and ageing (2018/2019);

- Member of the Coordination Unit of the Erasmus+ SPORT “Let's fit healthy life!” project, leaded by Regione Piemonte (2019);

- Project Manager of “Encouraging and Strengthening Solidarity in European Municipalities - E.S.S.E.M.” project (Europe for Citizens) leaded by Santhià Municipality (2018/19);

- Senjor Advisor of “SWIRL” Project leaded by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore for the research initiative cofounded by the DG Employment (2019-2021);

- Advisor for the internal assessment and evaluator of Cosme “M.A.P.P.A.E.” Project leaded by Terre dei Savoia Association (2019-2021).

GABRIELLA BIGATTI - eConsulenza Project Manager

She is Project Manager and EU Funds consultant with a Master’s Degree in International Sciences (University of Torino - Italy).

She is Project Manager for running projects financed by European Programs and Structural Funds with 23 years of experience. She has been working since 1996 in planning, managing and monitoring several projects co-financed by European programs for public and private entities: i.e. EMPLOYMENT, ADAPT, Kaleidoscope, Tempus, Equal, INTERREG Italy-France, INTERREG Italy-Switzerland, Daphne, eContent+, IEE, Central Europe, Europe for Citizens 2007/13, Europe for Citizens 2014/2020, Youth in Action, Leonardo da Vinci, LLP, ERASMUS+ 2014-2020 (KA1, KA2, KA3, SPORT), Creative Europe, MED, HEALTH, COSME, H2020, ...

Member of Evaluating Committees and Task Forces for European funds allocation (concerning specific call for proposals for European projects launching) for the Ministry of Labour, for the Sicilian Region and for Piedmont Region in Italy (1997/2004).

She was the Coordinator of the NCP (National Contact Point for central and northern Italy) of the EU Program “eContent”, assigned by European institution (2000/2004).

She is trainer, speaker and teacher at events, coaching initiatives and training courses about European policy for education and managing EU programs/European projects (for Universities, training agencies, public entities, NGOs, centres for European policies, stakeholders,..).

Moreover she was Head Unit at the Local Health agency in Biella – ASL BIELLA , for managing the “EMP-H – Empowering Hospital” project, cofounded by Health Program (2017-2018), as Project Manager.