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ERASMUS+ 2014/2020

KA2 Strategic Partnerships - Adult Education

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Focus sul progetto

The Erasmus+ KA2 SPE.C.H.A.L.E. Project (from the acronym SPEcialists in Cultural Heritage and Attractive Living Environment, meaning a new professional that takes care of spreading the great European cultural heritage) is a new project carried on by an international consortium of seven organizations, from five different EU Countries: Italy, Portugal, France, Croatia and Latvia.
Co-funded by the ERASMUS+ 2014-2020 program (KA2 Adult Education – Strategic Partnerships), it includes seven European partners: the coordinator is the Portuguese ADCMoura, Associação para or Desenvolvimento do Concelho de Moura, flanked by a second Portuguese organization, ATMTGLA, Associação Transfronteiriça Dos Municípios Das Terras Do Grande Lago Alqueva; two Italian partners: eConsulenza Agency (by Gabriella Bigatti) and the Association Le Terre dei Savoia; the Latvian Vidzeme Planning Region, an organization that works for the local and national cooperation and development, the Croatian Institute for Tourism, the research institute for Croatian tourism and finally the French UESS, Université Européenne des Senteurs & Saveurs.
The project, started in September 2018, will last three years. An official first meeting (SPE.C.H.A.L.E. Kick off Meeting) between the partners was held on 20 - 21 November 2018 in Zagreb, at the Croatian Institut Za Turizam. Many activities will keep the international consortium busty until August 2021; it aims to put into effect the social and educational values of the European Cultural Heritage as a fundamental tool for economic growth, job creation and social cohesion.
In line with the needs outlined by the EU 2020 Strategy, the project also aims to encourage an innovative approach in the field of training for sustainable tourism and cultural heritage with a particular focus on adult training; a path specifically dedicated to disadvantaged people, including the development of own soft skills for the beneficiaries.
It is an ambitious goal: to build ad-hoc training modules in the field of culture and tourism, and to reach the validation for the “Cultural Heritage and Attractive Living Environment Specialist” pathway.

   Consortium  & duration    


September 2018 - August 2021


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ADCMoura, Associação para or Desenvolvimento do Concelho de Moura - Portugal

Associação Transfronteiriça dos Municípios das Terras do Grande Lago Alqueva - Portugal

eConsulenza Agency (di Gabriella Bigatti) - Italy

Le Terre dei Savoia association - Italy

  Vidzeme Planning Region - Latvia

  Institute for Tourism IZTZG - Croatia

UESS, Université Européenne des Senteurs & Saveurs - France

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La riunione di partenariato - la seconda dall'avvio del progetto iniziato a settembre 2018 - ha visto la partecipazione di delegati da Croazia, Portogallo, Italia, Lettonia e Francia, ed ha siglato la fase finale della ricerca e dello studio dei bisogni formativi connessi al Cultural Heritage nei territori di progetto. Nelle settimane successive verrà predisposto il documento che racchiude gli esiti della ricerca. E' anche stata l'occasione per i delegati di visitare l'ARTEMISIA MUSEUM dell'UESS a Forcalquier dedicato alle erbe aromatiche e medicinali ed ai profumi. Per la Agenzia eCONSULENZA ha presenziato Gabriella Bigatti, membro del Coordination Unit del progetto europeo.

ZAGREB - 20 & 21 NOVEMBER 2018



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